September 29th, 1:30-3pm

This event only happens once a year! So this is your chance to get a free class! We also offer significant membership discounts to new and current Darimar members. Refreshments will be provided.


Schedule of events:

1:30-1:40: Grand tour of the facility and introductions of the Masters and staff

1:40-2:10: Free trial class for all guests.

2:10-2:40: Taekwondo demonstration by our own US Tigers

2:40-3:00: Meet-and-greet with Darimar Masters and staff. Refreshments available.


About the trial class: Open to ages 4 and up. You’ll break a sweat kicking, punching, and learning self-defense techniques. All participants get a free gift! Appropriate attire is a t-shirt with gym shorts or sweatpants. Please no jeans. You will be barefoot for the class.

IMPORTANT: All participants must fill out a waiver before they are able to participate in the class. Please fill out the waiver online HERE.