Getting Started with Tae Kwon Do

This page is for regular our Tae Kwon Do Program only.

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Membership to Darimar Martial Arts is open to all individuals who want to be a part of a life-changing Taekwondo experience. Our students range from 3 ½ year-old children to adult students well in their 70’s – and everyone in between! You do not have to show up in shape for Taekwondo, we’ll get you in shape. You do not have to know how to do powerful kicking techniques to start Taekwondo, we’ll teach you that, too. You do not have to be an Olympian either, but if that is your goal, we can help you reach it. You do have to have a desire to improve yourself both physically and mentally, and be prepared to be challenged.

Parents, we encourage you to check out the many benefits Taekwondo and Darimar Martial Arts offers children. We are very proud of our young students and the improvements they have made in their training, their scholastic achievements, and their relationships with others.


DARIMAR offers rolling admissions, which means that you can sign up whenever you are ready–no need to wait for certain classes to start – students work at their own pace.

Begin with our one month introductory program


Dedicate yourself to us for one month; personal experience is the best way to find out if Darimar Martial Arts is the right activity for you or your child. Click here to see the class schedule.

There are many martial arts schools to choose from, and picking the right school for you can get confusing. Many schools offer a “free classes” for you to try the school and then they try to commit you to a long term contract purely based on your first a couple of lessons. These mini memberships are specifically designed to hype your emotions, but what you really need to know is how you feel after a few weeks.

Our introductory membership consists of one month, 2 classes per week in our regular beginner classes. This longer trial period allows you to get a real sense of what our classes are like and the commitment that is needed to join. Our over 25 years of experience has taught us that teaching students Taekwondo, particularly young children, requires this age separation for the students to gain the maximum benefit of each lesson attended.

Your first lesson will be a private one-on-one lesson with one of our Master Instructors. Once you register and pay online for one month program, we will call you to schedule for a private lesson. If you don’t hear from us within two days of registering, please call 614-428-7090, so we can check the status of the lesson. During your first lesson you will:

  • Go on a guided tour of the facility
  • Learn the different procedures for entering and exiting the studio and work out areas
  • Become familiar with the area to store shoes and equipment during class
  • Learn how to tie your new white belt
  • Cover basic Martial Arts techniques to ensure the first group class is comfortable and smooth transition.

Note: The Little Tigers first lesson will be not be a private lesson due to the nature of the class.


To encourage a family-friendly atmosphere, we offer a special family discount. The second, third, and fourth family members receive a 10%, 30%, and 50% tuition discount, respectively. The registration fee is one-time only and includes a Taekwondo uniform along with any other assistance you may need to get started at Darimar.

 One Person  $168 tuition + $85 registration fee = $253 
 Two Family Members  $319 tuition +  $85 registration fee per person =  $489
 Three Family Members  $436 tuition +  $85 registration fee per person =  $691
 Four Family Members  $520 tuition +  $85 registration fee per person =  $860

After the First Month

Upon completion of your one month program, we will discuss with you the various course profiles and enrollment options that we offer at Darimar Martial Arts. Tuition rates may vary depending upon the program(s) selected and the number of family members enrolling.



Students with previous Martial Arts experience or current students from other Martial Arts Schools looking to improve their skills (or want more intensity in their training) are welcome to be a part of Darimar Martial Arts. In most cases your previous training is recognized and your rank will be accepted here in Darimar Martial Arts. However, you should talk with Cynthia Jang to discuss what level will best suit your situation.

Please call 614-428-7090 or email us with your questions at, so we can schedule your first lesson.