Darimar Martial Arts believes that the safety and well being of our community and its children are very important and therefore offers an after school program that will provide children with the tools and abilities they need to be successful in life. The staff at Darimar Martial Arts believes that an after school program will provide the right supervision and activities to challenge your child.

We strive to provide three main things in our after school program:

  • Keeping the kids safe during after school hours
  • Provide a nurturing environment that fosters personal growth
  • Helping to improve kids academic achievements at school
  • Involving the kids in supervised constructive activities such as Tae Kwon Do training

The after school program has a wide variety of activities designed to meet the needs of the children through enriching their experiences and assisting them achieve academic success.

During free time, we put emphasis on physical activities during our program. DARIMAR Tae Kwon Do training offers everything that a growing body requires to stay physically and mentally challenged. A training session led by our instructors will prepare your child to go back and enjoy quality family time.



While studying martial arts at DARIMAR, the after school program students will learn about self-discipline, respect, and loyalty. Staff members will teach students to manage their behavior and handle stressful situations such as:

  • How to make friends and get along with other students their age 
  • Resolving conflicts with their peers in an appropriate and non physical manner
  • Increasing his/her awareness of their surroundings and overall athletic ability
  • How important hard work and consistency is in order to achieve their goals

Through the belt ranking system, you can watch your child develop the “Yes, I Can!” attitude and observe as it carries over into school, home, socialization, as well as other sports. Our program is not any old daycare … we build champions that are prepared for a challenge!


We provide transportation from the schools 5 days a week; 2, 3 and 4 day rates are available as well. The program has been designed to assist parents with the tough job of giving your child the tools and skills needed to overcome their daily obstacles.
Transportation Provided for the Following Schools:

  • Blacklick Elementary
  • Chapelfield Elementary
  • Columbus Academy
  • Goshen Lane Elementary
  • High Point Elementary
  • Jefferson Elementary
  • Lincoln Elementary
  • New Albany Primary School
  • Royal Manor Elementary
  • St. Matthew School

Our pickup route is based on school demand, so please register early to ensure that your school is included.


DARIMAR Martial Arts will pick up your child from school in our fully marked and properly insured vehicles. The After School Program will include 50 minutes of Martial Arts training each day.

Students will achieve Tae Kwon Do rank belts as they develop valuable skills. DARIMAR will also provide a healthy snack daily and children will have a supervised homework and study session. DARIMAR’S staff will assist students as needed with homework. Students who do not have homework are assigned appropriate exercise to help maintain a successful routine.

We ARE NOT a daycare! We are a professional martial arts facility and our focus is on Martial Arts.

Children are available for pickup anytime from 5:10pm to 6:00pm.


All children from Kindergarten to 5th grade. If your child does not attend a school on our pickup route they may still be dropped off so they can attend the program.

  • Registration fee:   $85.00 per child, new students only and non-refundable. This includes a uniform.
  • 10% discount for siblings.
TUITION – Covers 1st day to last day of school
# of payment Installment date 2 days a wk 3 days a wk 4 days a wk 5 days a wk
1st upon register $370 $440 $510 $580
2nd 9/15/2021 $370 $440 $510 $580
3rd 10/15/2021 $370 $440 $510 $580
4th 11/15/2021 $370 $440 $510 $580
5th 12/15/2021 $370 $440 $510 $580
6th 1/14/2022 $370 $440 $510 $580
7th 2/15/2022 $370 $440 $510 $580
8th 3/15/2022 $370 $440 $510 $580
9th 4/15/2022 $370 $440 $510 $580
Total payment $3,330.00 $3,960.00 $4,590.00 $5,220.00
pay in full 5% discount $3,163.50 $3,762.00 $4,360.50 $4,940.00
pay in full savings $166.50 $198.00 $229.50 $280.00
Darimar Martial Arts

Darimar Martial Arts

Darimar Martial Arts
971 North Hamilton Rd.
Gahanna OH 43230

(tel) 614-428-7090
(fax) 614-428-7033

Darimar Martial Arts

Darimar Martial Arts

Darimar Martial Arts
971 North Hamilton Rd.
Gahanna OH 43230

(tel) 614-428-7090
(fax) 614-428-7033