“Believe in yourself”

-Specially designed Martial Arts class for teens and young adults-

  • Learn Taekwondo with others your age in a class specially designed to meet the needs of energetic, focused students.
  • Benefit from the guidance of expert instruction from our passionate instructors and share the knowledge of your more experienced peers.
  • Our philosophy is to help students to develop their self-confidence and leadership through hands-on experience in a friendly atmosphere.
  • Each 50 minute session includes exercises to develop strong Taekwondo fundamentals and gradually build more advanced skills.
  • Work on improving your physical fitness no matter what your starting point or experience level is through rigorous stretching, cardio, and strength-building exercises.
  • Getting started is easy at Darimar Martial Arts. You can attend any two classes a week. We offer a flexible class schedule allowing you to come to classes at times that work best with your schedule, and those classes can change each week.