Open House

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Interested in martial arts? Looking for something physical and fun? Perhaps you’d like to learn how to defend yourself if you ever needed to. Or maybe the idea of joining a community focused on cultivating a strong character through the building of confidence, respect, self-esteem, and discipline just sounds good… If you said yes to any of these questions, Darimar is the place for you and we’re giving you a direct invitation to join us at our open house Saturday, October 2nd from 1:30pm-3:30pm.


1:30-1:55pm:  Little Tigers Taekwondo class (age 3.5 to 5)

2:00-2:30pm:  US Tigers Demonstration

2:30-3:15pm:  Taekwondo class for age 6  & above

3:15pm-:  Open house special registration and refreshments 

Register for guests information and waiver

Register for 3 weeks FREE taekwondo class (pay only $85 registration fee and receive free uniform)