Chapter 27: Conclusion

The ongoing goal of Ki energy theory is for a person to achieve balance. If such harmony, or homeostasis, is maintained, we will live long and healthy lives.

It is important to remember that everything concerning our health and harmony is connected. When one of the four stages of aging begins, it brings about the next stage, and disrupts our bodies’ balance. This will ultimately lead to death. As human beings, we are not immortal, but each and every one of us has the potential slow the aging process and increase our longevity. Again, the four steps of the aging process are:

  1. Decreased lung capacity;
  2. Reduced kidney function;
  3. Slowing of the heart function;
  4. Impairment of the Nervous System.

The deep breathing techniques outlined throughout this book serve to improve blood oxygen flow. With good breathing, lung capacity will remain at its full potential. There will be an increase in red blood cell count, and the kidney will be able to refine blood more easily. Additionally, more oxygen allows us to produce the energy that is necessary for keeping our muscles, organs, and brains in working condition.

Throughout this book, I have also stressed the importance of exercise, and a good diet. Balanced eating, combined with good exercise, clears up fat blockages. This keeps the blood vessels relaxed and flexible, preventing arthritis or cardiac arrest. Additionally, exercising means that there is joint movement and muscles are strengthened, both of which serve to increase our human electricity. So, deep breathing, healthy eating, and good exercise are the three main factors we need to maintain in order to slow down the aging process.

In order to be healthy, the human body needs three things;

  1. Proper body temperature;
  2. Proper blood pH level;
  3. Balanced glucose level.

Much like the steps in the aging process, these factors rely on one another. If one becomes unbalanced, it will affect the others. Of course, a combination of deep breathing, good exercise, and healthy eating will keep each of these dynamics in check.

Scientists from Copenhagen University conducted an experiment that showed the true importance of exercise.1 After assessing 2,816 subjects, it was found that people with thinner thighs (less muscle) were not as healthy as muscular people. In fact, those with a combined thigh circumference of less than 55 cm were two times more likely to die. Having a measurement of 55 cm or more typically indicates that there is a good amount of muscle mass (unless, of course, the muscles are small and are all covered in fat.) Without this muscle mass, people can die from bad circulation and poor energy expenditure.

On the other hand, good muscle mass and proper exercise circulates blood faster, providing the body’s cells enough oxygen to convert glucose to energy. This conversion is what produces and regulates our body heat. Additionally, it balances out our glucose levels and prevents the body from developing too much fat storage.

In 1945 people were exposed to radiation from a nuclear power in Hiroshima, Japan.2 66,000 people die immediately. Those who initially survived the attack suffered from, among other things, drastically weakened immune systems. As a result, many of the victims died a few years after the incident. This proves that, in order to survive, we need to have a strong immune system. A good body temperature means that the immune system is strong and can ward off diseases. Therefore, we must be sure to remain active and maintain our muscle mass.

Blood pH level also greatly affects the immune system. Blood with a pH level lower than 7.3-7.4 increases the chance of cancer and other diseases developing. Our bodies’ natural defences, such as white blood cells, cannot survive in an acidic environment. Unfortunately, viruses and mutant cells (cancer) can.

To maintain a proper pH level, we must eat healthily. Balance your meat intake with whole grains and vegetables. This will offset acidosis and keep the body in working order.

It is not easy to live to 100, but by utilizing the information in this book, you can optimize your health and longevity. The Ki-gong breathing exercises I have described have immense effects on our health. Although modern medicine has only approved the theory’s physical elements, the psychological elements are just as valid. Emotions and stress affect our health as much as breathing, eating, exercising. If you are to maintain good health, you must consider mind and body energy that constitute Ki energy flow.

The “Ki” to longevity is balance.

  1. See the full experiment at Thigh circumference and risk of heart disease and premature death: prospective cohort study. The subjects chosen randomly selected adults from Denmark.

  2. See The Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki for more information about the Hiroshima bombing.

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