Chapter 22: Air Quality

The ability to breathe in more oxygen means we that are healthier, but our health is directly related to the type of oxygen we take in. For example, in the woods, when oxygen concentration is measured, there may be 50,000 cubic centimetres of clean oxygen per parts per million. When oxygen is measured in the city, this number drops to 20cc. In an area near a natural waterfall, the oxygen content is 5,000 cc. Oxygen levels near a lake or sea are 1,000 cc. A metro park is typically 600cc.

One thing is certain: our lungs function better with clean air versus dirty, polluted air. Subconsciously, our body is telling us it wants what is good for it, not what is bad for it. In sum, our lungs want to be filled with clean air, whether or not we are conscious of it.

All of God’s creatures are the same. The sparrow does not want to breathe air that is bad for it, but, unlike us, it has a degree of control over where it lives, whereas we do not. Sparrows, just like other birds, live wherever they fly. They have that luxury. If we move, we look for a place that has a nice school system. We want nice neighbors. We cannot live too far from where we work. Our home must be no more than fifteen minutes from the grocery store. What I am saying is that we have limitations as to where we can live due towhat we need in our lives. And yet, without even thinking about it, our bodies search for places that have high quality air. That is our subconscious at work. It considers the air quality of the neighborhood that we are going to live in. After all, we don’t want to live next to the dump, do we? There are times, however, when the source of the air pollution comes to us. For example, not long ago, there were several homes on the outskirts of a city. The neighbors were happy, and everybody got along. There was clean air in this area.

Then, things changed. A large egg producing company decided to build some hen houses in the neighborhood. No problem, right? Well, it was, because instead of building small hen houses, they built houses that held 100,000 chickens each! And it wasn’t just one house. There were 3-4 hen houses next to each other. So, in total, there were close to half a million chickens there.

Now, it is natural for chickens to produce manure, but in this case, all of the manure was contained in a closed area. There were often several inches to a foot of manure in the pit below the chickens. Chicken manure stinks, and smells like ammonia. It can be processed in a way that produces methane gas. In fact, a study conducted by the University of Missouri in 1993 showed that a four-pound chicken yields 8.6 cubic feet of methane gas per pound of volatile solids destroyed. The fumes from the henhouses made a lot of people sick because it is poisonous to our bodies. We can die if we breathe in too much. So, many of these people were forced to move. However, not everybody could, and these people experienced all types of illnesses, including headaches, nausea, and other, more serious ailments.

While we are on the subject, another example of methane gas we encounter is that of a swimming pool and the chlorine it contains. The air right above the water does not circulate. It just sits like fog on a mountain. Methane gas is created from the combination of the stagnant air and the chlorine gas fumes. Swimming for long periods of time makes our skin unhealthy, and it turns the color of ash. What color do you think our lungs turn when we breathe in the pool fumes? After all, we swim and are then forced to breath this deadly air. Methane gas like this can create cancer, and doesn’t help people who have asthma. It decreases your lung function. Now, you don’t have to give up swimming completely, just do it in moderation. Everything must be balanced.

Sparrows, and birds in general, have the innate ability to know where the cleanest air is. To reiterate, they live where they fly. Let’s look at where they do not live and why. Aside from obese pigeons, the downtown areas of large metropolitan cities, have fewer birds than just about any other place. Why? Let’s look at the structures in the city. What are cities made up of? Immense buildings, asphalt roads, and other artificial structures. They also contain lots of cars, which produce poisonous gases. Next time you are in the city, consider the vegetation. You will find that very few trees and plants dot the landscape. This means that there is less oxygen that we need in order to breathe. Aside from decreased oxygen supply, the city’s concrete buildings, cars and roads affect the city’s air quality.

Concrete makes up the majority of the buildings in the downtown area of the city. What is the last thing you want to have happen if you are in an office building twenty stories up from the street? A fire. If you are the builder, you must take this into consideration when deciding what materials to use to construct the building.

So what does the builder do? They use chrysotile in the buildings to prevent a fire from starting and spreading. Chrysotile has another name: white asbestos. When inhaled, the fibers from white asbestos can cause damage to the lungs, resulting in a buildup of scar tissue in the lungs. People working in such buildings breathe the fumes of white asbestos every day. This exposure is the leading cause of Mesothelioma in humans.

Per the Mayo Clinic, mesothelioma is a form of cancer that occurs in a thin layer of tissue covering the majority of our internal organs. It is an aggressive and deadly form of cancer. While there are various forms of treatment available, there is no cure. As expected, the organs most affected are the lungs. As I mentioned earlier, people breathe in this hidden pollutant all day, and scar tissue forms in the lungs. As a result, it becomes harder and harder to breathe. In Ki-theory, the lung function is connected to the skin function. That being said, less oxygen intake reduces nutrients going into the skin cells, meaning that decreased lung function impacts the skin’s health.

Now, you might think that once you are out of the building, you are fine. This is not so. Car parts, such as brake shoes, disk pads, and clutches, also contain white asbestos. It can also be found in items you might use to fix your home or car, such as caulking, asphalt, roof sealant, gaskets, etc. Unfortunately, city dwellers breathe in this horrible ingredient every day. This explains why the city is void of birds. Birds instinctually know the air is poisonous, and they stay away. The only place near or in the city you will find them is in parks. There are grass, trees, flowers and such in parks, which improves the air quality. Because there is more oxygen in these places, they, and other mammals, will dwell there. In 2007, Iowa University preformed a study in conjunction with the U.S. Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Dept.1 The purpose of this experiment was to outline how air quality affects the health of laying hens (hens that are bred to lay eggs). To achieve this, laying hen houses were monitored for air temperature, rhodium (Rh), CO2, and atmospheric NH3 (atmospheric ammonia) under winter and summer conditions in Iowa. All three houses that were monitored had the best air quality in the winter.

As the experiment continued, ten birds were randomly selected from each house for assessment of health status. It was found than the hens were at their optimal health during the winter, when the air they breathed was cleanest. No other factors aside from air quality were changed during the study, which shows just how great of an effect air quality holds over our health.

I think we would all agree that most chickens have very poor living conditions. They are caged, can barely move, and breathe in the methane gas from the manure pits below them. What happens if they are moved outside into an area with fresh, clean air? They start to move around. In three months, they are healthier. In six months, they can actually fly. Birds detect the air quality around them very quickly. Why do you think West Virginia miners would go into the mines with caged canaries? The canaries could smell fumes within the mines before the miners would, because the birds would exhibit signs of sickness. When the miners saw this, the miners would leave the mines or handle it accordingly.

A study related to oxygen pollution was performed in Germany during World War I. 2 The study centered around sea divers. One diver had dirty oxygen pumped to his helmet, and another was given pure oxygen. The one who breathed the dirty oxygen soon died after inhaling the impure oxygen. An autopsy was performed, and, as a result of the poor quality air, he had very stiff muscles. The other one eventually died as well, but he had soft muscles. This shows the effects of our environment upon us.

Healthy people look good, which I believe is due to the air they breathe. If you ever get the chance, look at animals in the zoo versus wild animals. Which ones look better? The ones in the wild look better, because they get purer oxygen. Therefore, I submit that the quality of air that we breathe is directly related to a better quality of life.

Young women have good skin tone and color due to well-oxygenated, red blood cells. They also have healthy hormones from these healthy cells. That’s why people in the Olympics years ago were given estrogen injections. The injections helped their breathing, and also helped them gain muscular power.

Both men and women have estrogen and testosterone. Men have more testosterone in their youth. However, as they age, their testosterone levels decrease and their bodies have a increased percentage of estrogen as a result. The opposite is true for women. Women have more estrogen in their youth to support child bearing. As they age, their estrogen levels decrease resulting in a greater proportion of testosterone. However, proper amounts of oxygen help to balance our hormones, even as we age.

Before people die, their lung function drops. As a consequence, this weakens the kidneys. The heart and nervous system also suffer, as they need oxygen to survive. If the blood cannot supply the right amount of clean oxygen to the organs over an extend period of time, your body will shut down. Over many years, the lack of oxygen and the subsequent weakening of the organ functions makes us age faster. Unless something changes, the end result is death. If you live or work in a big city environment, take the time to relax outdoors and visit places like conservatories or parks. It is best to surround yourself with a natural source of clean oxygen: plants.

An easy way to get better air quality while at work, home, or in your car (assuming the air is decent to begin with), is to keep windows and doors open. When a room is closed off, the person inside it is taking in oxygen and expelling carbon dioxide. If you work for long hours in a closed off room, you may notice yourself becoming tired more easily. This is because the oxygen levels are gradually depleting. Instead, keep the room open to help the air circulate. Doing so will keep the oxygen necessary to our life in constant supply.

What happens when the quality of the air is good? There was once a man who had terminal stage cancer. He went to a high mountain region in a deep forest, where the oxygen was very pure. Several years later, he was cured. Many believe that his energy flow healed itself because everything in nature emits energy. Rocks, trees, water, plants, and animals, all put off a certain amount of energy. Unknown to him, his body received energy from them as well. His energy flow was so perfect the cancer could not live and spread, and was ultimately killed.

Let’s also look at men and women who are over 65. Research has been done that has shown that some of them can compete in marathons. How are they able to do this? They have great lung function, which promotes health, and slows down the aging process. Doesn’t everyone want to slow the aging process? It is possible to do. But, we must breathe better quality air and eat better. We can get higher quality oxygen by going to a park, walking around, and enjoying the splendor of the outdoors. We could also take a drive in the country and experience the benefits of better air. You will feel more energized and healthier.

I mentioned that proper breathing improves the capillary function, but what are capillaries? They are very small blood vessels located within the body. Their job is to transport blood from our arteries, to our cells, and then to the veins. Capillaries are plentiful in tissues (like muscle tissues) and organs that are metabolically active, and, thus, healthy. Unhealthy capillaries may stick together due to the quality of red blood cells our body produces. This can cause ailments such as arthritis. We need to keep the capillaries clean and healthy.

Remember that the human body started out as an empty vessel. Adam’s body was only an empty container for his soul. It wasn’t until God breathed into Adam’s body that Adam came to life. Once that happened, his body was a perfect, functioning, healthy vessel. The only thing his body needed was healthy food, clean water, and pure oxygen. We should strive for such emptiness by breathing in more good oxygen into our bodies, and dispelling carbon dioxide through better exhalation.

Grandmaster Darim Jang, Flying side kick using left leg jumping over (4) bikes to target and break multiple pieces of wood. He used his left leg for the kick because he is dominant on his right side, using opposite sides makes counter balance of Ki. Middle School East, Gahanna, OH 1999
Grandmaster Darim Jang, Flying side kick using left leg jumping over (4) bikes to target and break multiple pieces of wood. He used his left leg for the kick because he is dominant on his right side, using opposite sides makes counter balance of Ki. Middle School East, Gahanna, OH 1999
Grandmaster Jang, this demonstration is 10 continuous back-kicks. To achieve balance, use each leg. For example, in the previous phone the right leg was used. However, in this demonstration the left leg is used. Gahanna, Middle School East, 2002
Grandmaster Jang, this demonstration is 10 continuous back-kicks. To achieve balance, use each leg. For example, in the previous phone the right leg was used. However, in this demonstration the left leg is used. Gahanna, Middle School East, 2002

  1. See Air quality and bird health status in three types of commercial egg layer houses for the full scientific experiment.

  2. See OXYGEN TOXICITY – SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS for more information about oxygen toxicity and diving.

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