Image: Darimar Martial Arts building

Since 1999, Darimar Martial Arts has been the premier central Ohio martial arts school. At Darimar, individuals of all ages train together in one of the biggest martial arts facilities in the Midwest. Class scheduling is conveniently flexible—allowing students to choose what classes are best for them each week. Darimar is also known for its quality of instruction; members train at their own pace skill-wise with an excellent instructor-to-student ratio.

Darimar’s philosophy stems from the meaning of its name—Balance Your Life Force. Grandmaster Jang, a life-long practitioner, has infused this meaning within the Dojang to emphasize the importance of mind and body health. While Darimar is centered on traditional Tae Kwon Do, other forms of martial arts are incorporated for a holistic experience. The highest objective is to cultivate strong character through the building of confidence, respect, self-esteem, and discipline. These elements are not only essential and applicable to martial arts, but also to maintaining a healthy well-being in all aspects of life.