Date:  Saturday, November 23

Time:  12:30PM-3:00PM

Paul Molitor of The Portrait House is a professional photographer, and not to be biased, but he is fantastic and his rates are very reasonable. 

Simply register online here: Picture Day Form

There will also examples of Paul’s work and time reservation forms at the front entrance. You can sign up for individual Taekwondo pictures or family Taekwondo portraits in one of the 30-minute sessions. Up to 8 students can be accommodated in each session.  These photos/statues make really great gifts for people who are out of town and don’t get to see you perform your Taekwondo skills.

Students of all ages and belts are welcome to take their pictures with our photographer Paul Molitor!

Here is how we suggest you to take your pictures.

  1. Reserve a time to take the pictures via our online form or the timesheet at the front entrance.
  2. Bring your picture form with your payment. The price sheet is attached and the form is linked in this email. If you cannot print out the form, you can simply fill one out day-of.

Link: Picture Day Form

  1. Come in a clean uniform and your belt.
  2. Choose a pose when taking the pictures. Action poses and movements are highly encouraged as a genuine display of your skill!
  3. We will email you when the pictures are ready to be picked up at DARIMAR.